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What Are Old Chicago Pavers?

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Old Chicago Pavers are an incredibly sophisticated style of touching your home. Old Chicago Pavers are very durable and look elegant in any surface that you would like to place them, as well as give other benefits. Old Chicago Pavers are made of natural stones and it is for this reason that the weather around them will not affect them.



Why Choose Old Chicago Pavers?

During the hot summer weather they function like a natural cooling system for you to walk on comfortably. During the extreme cold they stay slightly warm and will not take damage and are known to be environmentally friendly. Each Old Chicago Paver has different designs on it that can give each individual paver a unique look while creating an overall materpiece. Each individual paver has designs of veins and swirls that come in different colors. The many different designs and patterns on each paver comes naturally from impurities that are recrystalized into by the intense pressure and the heat of the metamorphism.