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Aside from our excellent paver installation services, we also offer an array of other services for your benefit including:

Repair Existing Pavers

Repairing existing pavers is not as complicated as it may seem. Given that pavers are installed with large amounts repairing a cracked paver usually means just replacing the one or two that have been damaged. For better results though it is highly recommended that the pavers be sealed right after.

Seal Coating

Seal coating is vital in the maintenance of your pavers. They help keep your pavers in a better condition for longer than they would without a sealer. The sealer is usually applied in 2 coats and can protect the surface against gasoline,salt water and ultraviolet rays as well as the typical scratches that might try and damage them sooner.

Pressure Cleaning

Pressure cleaning can be very beneficial when cleaning pavers. Pressure cleaning can help get rid of the grime dirt and any paint thats chipping off. The end result is pavers that look like new without the hard to get dirt that usually cannot be removed.

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