Travertine Pavers by Paver Aid

What Are Travertine Pavers?


Travertine is made through a natural process of which the travertine endures heat making it a limestone product unlike other pavers. This particular style of paver is considered to be eco friendly for that same reason. Like Marble pavers Travertine pavers have different colors and veins in each individual paver. Individually they differ, but installed as a whole they harmonize well with any environment that you would like to place them in.


Why Choose Travertine Pavers?

Travertine Pavers typicallly come in very natural tones which vary from earth tones, rich ivories and mocha colors.Typically Travertine pavers come in either a chiseled or tumbled finish and can be used in a mosaic style, since smaller pavers for this design are available. This particular travertine is best to be used around pool and deck areas, reason being that the pavers tend to stay cool on your feet as you walk over it.